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This self-paced, online 4-hour course is intended to educate workers on how to avoid accidents and injuries while working on roofs, leading edges, ladders, or scaffolds by defining the regulations and safety rules associated with fall hazards on construction sites.

This course is an elective course that can help fulfill the requirement for an individual renewing for a Site Safety Training Card. THIS IS AN AWARENESSLEVEL TRAINING ONLY and does not provide any other qualification or authorization outside of the Site Safety Training Card.

The course fee does not include the cost of issuing the identification card or site safety training card as applicable.

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4 Hours

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English, Spanish

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Additional Details

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain terms associated with falls in construction
  • Recognize, avoid and prevent falls hazards to minimize harm
  • Outline regulatory safety requirements associated with falls, including OSHA’s Subpart M
  • Learn how to make informed decisions when working at heights
  • Calculate fall distances for various types of fall arrest devices
  • Identify proper anchorage points

Technical Requirements

Users must grant access to their desktop/laptop’s camera and microphone in order to successfully complete this training. It is required that students complete the training on a desktop or laptop computer with Google Chrome as the browser.

The use of a mobile device, like a smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook is not permitted and will result in an automatic failure of the course.

Our full technical requirements can be read on our website’s Classroom Policies page.

Training Requirement

Per Local Law 196, in order to continue to operate in the City of New York, some workers and supervisors are required to complete a minimum number of hours of approved site safety training. This NYC Department of Buildings-Approved curriculum is a prescribed (required) course that fulfills one of the requirements for an individual applying to renew a Site Safety Training (SST) Card.


Any personnel that may be exposed to heights or work around fall hazards on construction sites. This curriculum is also a prescribed (required) course that can help fulfill the requirement for an individual applying for a Site Safety Training Card.

100% attendance in the course and active participation in all learning activities including a required multiple-choice quiz to be eligible to receive a course completion certificate.

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