NYC DOB Provider No. 4Q68

TEL: 718 389 2103

SST Card Issuance

The Final SST Card-in-Hand Deadline was March 1, 2021

New or Upgraded SST Card

  • All Training with TSCTA – $ 35
  • Some or No Training with TSCTA – $100

Duplicate Card

  • $20

To Request an SST Card

If you’re looking to apply for an original SST Card (first-time request) or to upgrade an existing/previously issued SST Card please download and complete the Site Safety Training (SST) Card Application Form.

Si desea solicitar una tarjeta SST original (solicitud por primera vez) o actualizar una tarjeta SST existente o emitida anteriormente, descargue y complete el formulario de solicitud de la tarjeta de capacitación en seguridad del sitio (SST).

Need a Duplicate SST Card?

If you’ve lost, damaged, or otherwise need a replacement card for an SST Card issued by TSCTA – DO NOT USE THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

Duplicate cards must be requested using the form on this page.

First time? Here's what you need to know!

If you’ve never been issued an SST Card, you must complete the above form and provide proof of prior training.

If you’ve completed ALL your Safety Training at TSCTA within the last five years, email your completed application to to complete your submission.

If you’ve completed some or all of your training with a provider other than TSCTA, you must submit copies of your course completion certificates or cards along with the completed form.

Lastly, a passport-style photo must be included with your application if you did not previously take training with TSCTA or if you completed your training on our online platform.

Documents must be in either PDF or JPG format and cannot exceed a total of 10MB.

NOTE: If your SST courses were completed online or with another provider, we do NOT have your required photograph on file, and will need you to submit it with your SST application. The DOB has specific requirements for the picture including:

  • Must be a close up of full head and shoulders ONLY
  • Must be a light colored background (white, grey, cream) with nothing in background (objects or people)
  • Must be color, clear and focus
  • Absolutely no glasses, hats or head coverings

If you’re unsure if we need your picture, submit one with your application. If the picture is not in compliance with these requirements, we will not be able to use it.

Email all materials to or fax to 718-389-6155.

Upgrading an Existing SST Card?

Only choose this option if you’ve been issued an SST Card and are looking to upgrade your current card (i.e., currently have a “Worker” SST Card and requesting a Supervisor SST Card).

As with an original card request, you must submit copies of your course completion certificates/cards along with the completed form as well as a copy of your current SST Card.

Documents must be in PDF or JPG format and cannot exceed a total of 10MB.

Email all materials to or fax to 718-389-6155.

OSHA Attestation Form & Online OSHA Disclosures

Local Law 196 (LL196) mandates that any online training completed on or after October 17, 2017, be actively proctored.

TSCTA will accept completion certificates for online training completed on or before October 16, 2017, with a signed attestation form.

Online training taken on or after 10/17/17 is also acceptable BUT must clearly state that it complies with DOB’s active proctor requirement. 

Proof of Identity & Address

Know before you go.

Prior to issuing an SST Card, the DOB requires Providers to verify an applicant’s identity through a point system.

Please review the document found on this link, and ensure you have all necessary proof-of-identification and proof-of-address documents prior to picking up your card.


Processing time to verify training taken with a provider other than TSCTA may vary;  application processing time may vary based on the type of application (Worker vs. Supervisor), the response time of third-party providers, volume, and other factors.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will also delay card issuance.

*All training must be verified prior to SST Card issuance. Refunds may not be issued if an application is denied.