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This program’s goal is to raise awareness of ergonomic risks construction teams might come into contact with. Steps for identifying and addressing ergonomic risk factors on the job site are included, along with an educational overview of the general risks presented by such hazards.

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After completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Become generally familiar with how the human body interfaces with and use equipment, moves material and perform tasks.
  • Recognize when ergonomic hazards become likely and how to avoid becoming injured.
  • Avoid risk of muscle injuries.

Technical Requirements
Users must grant access to their desktop/laptop’s camera and microphone in order to successfully complete this training. It is recommended that students complete the training on a computer with Google Chrome as the browser.

The use of a mobile device, like a smartphone, may result in unintended issues running the course.

100% attendance in the course and active participation in all learning activities including a required multiple-choice quiz to be eligible to receive a course completion certificate.