The Second Disaster: Rebuilding and the Labor Shortage

After the catastrophic storms that hit Texas and Florida in late September, many experts are forecasting a rough road to recovery ahead and a major blow to an industry faced with an already stifling labor shortage.

Overcoming the Labor Shortage Crisis: Recruiting the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

The increased demand for skilled workers has put the industry in a tough spot and presented an opportunity to help bridge the skills gap.

The Key to Solving Current Labor Shortages May be Women in Hard Hats

Women in Hard Hats may be key to solving labor shortage issues nationwide The Great Recession officially ended in 2009 and ended what many may remember as the housing crisis of the early-2000’s. Since that time there’s been a boom in the Construction Industry across the country; new developments and projects are breaking ground and […]

Employee Engagement Will Help Keep Labor Moving

While terms like “employee engagement” may sound like some new-age buzzword, many successful firms understand that this is the key to keeping great talent.

Rebuilding Labor: Turning the Tide on the Labor Crisis

It’s not too late to turn the tide! We’ve been keeping a lookout on the effects of the labor crisis in the industry and though experts at Colorado State University’s Department of Construction Management estimate that by 2025 there will be an additional 96,000 vacancies in the construction trades in Colorado alone; we believe we can turn the tide in our favor. With some help from federal and local governments, and a willingness to get workers the training they need, we can rebuild the labor force.

Building the Future of Labor: Partnership is Key

In 2016, economists and labor experts anticipated the Labor Shortage crisis to plateau as demand for new construction was predicted to slow down. Instead, after a record-breaking 2016 in the Industry, the demand for laborers and skilled workers in 2017 has proven to be even higher, leaving many companies scrambling to find qualified workers. Gallagher […]

We take a look back at 2017

At Gallagher Bassett (Gallagher Bassett), we take a great deal of pride in providing our clients with the best safety training in the business as well as assisting them to navigate the hodgepodge of regulatory changes that regularly occur in this industry. Gallagher Bassett is a full-service provider whose involvement with our students doesn’t end […]

Cautious Optimism: The 2017 Construction Industry Market Outlook Survey

This year’s Construction Industry Market Outlook Survey anticipates sustained growth & cautious optimism in face of looming challenges.

Women in Construction: Jobs Are Booming, Except For One Overlooked Group of Workers

In NYC, construction jobs are coveted for their earning potential and ability to propel hard workers comfortably into the middle class. With plenty of new job sites breaking, or soon-to-be breaking ground and a shortage of available laborers, there’s one set of workers that have been overlooked for far too long – women.

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