Student Record Management

GBTS is committed to safeguarding student (learner) records. GBTS may not disclose information contained in student/learner records to a third party without the student’s written consent except under conditions specified in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).  It is the responsibility of GBTS to ensure that information is not improperly disclosed.  

Student Records  

A student is an individual who is registered for a course or program. A student record, also known as a learner record, contains information directly related to a student, which means that the record is personally identifiable. Personal identifiers that relate a record to a student include student name, student address, phone number and email account.  

 Student/learner records are maintained in multiple media including handwritten, printed forms, or electronic. The GBTS Training Department maintains detailed records for all students that participate in training courses; both those that are eligible for CEUs and those that are not.  

 Student records are the property of GBTS and are considered confidential. Student/learner records may be presented by the student, submitted on behalf of the student, or created by GBTS. These records are used to assist GBTS in their support of basic institutional objectives and to document student progress and achievement in the educational process of the GBTS. 

Security of Student Records  

Physical Records 

  • All employees must sign an Employee Code of Responsibility and Confidentiality for Student Records Information form. 
  • All student records are maintained in a secure environment. 
  • No documents or reports containing protected student information are ever left on reception desks/counters or in other areas open to view and/or Access by students and visitors. 
  • All student records are removed and/or secured before leaving an unsecured work area. 
  • All computer monitors are positioned so that a student’s electronic record cannot be viewed by other students or unauthorized persons. 
  • No students have access to completed exam answer keys or grade rosters. 
  • All student exam answer sheets are carefully reviewed. 
  • All certificate paper, transcript paper, and exams are stored in a secured area. 

Electronic Records 

GBTS uses Class Manager, a secure database that will house all CEU transcript information for courses and students for a period of seven years. Because of the importance of data confidentiality and security, all full-time permanent and temporary employees, must sign an Employee Code of Responsibility and Confidentiality for Student Records Information Form before being granted access to Class Manager. All employees who will receive a unique log in and password defined specifically for the employee. This will allow updates to be tracked to a specific user password and specific person. 

Employee Access to Electronic Student Records  

Employee access to student (learner) records will be awarded only after appropriately tailored training is received. Entries to GBTS’s database affect the overall integrity of the database used throughout its systems and modules. Failure to abide by GBTS’s procedures for creating and maintaining student (learner) records may result in removal of access. 

Record Access for Learners 

GBTS allows students and former students to inspect and review their own student record upon request. This service will provide copies of records and, if requested, an interpretation and explanation of the record. 

This document in its entirety constitutes Gallagher Bassett Technical Services’ commitment to compliance with FERPA and serves as GBTS’s written policy in regards to FERPA. Questions regarding FERPA compliance or formal compliance complaints should be directed to the Training Director: Gallagher Bassett Technical Services, 36-06 43 Avenue, Long Island City, New York, 11101, (718) 389- 2103, FAX (718) 389-6155.