How do I obtain my T-89/F-89 Certificate of Fitness?


Applicants who pass the FDNY’s On-Site Exam will receive their Certificate of Fitness directly from the FDNY via mail.

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What happens if I fail the On-Site Exam?

Applicants who fail the FDNY’s On-Site Exam will receive a failure notice via mail. Applicants are allowed to take the on-site exam up to two times per the FDNY; to retake the exam, authorized personnel must schedule an appointment as outlined here. If an applicant fails the on-site exam a second time, they must retake both […]

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How long is the T-89/F-89 Certificate of Fitness valid for?

This certificate must be renewed every three years. The NYC Fire Department (FDNY) will send a Renewal Notice 90 days before the expiration date. This letter includes the certificate number, the expiration date, and the amount of the renewal fee. For more information, please click here.

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What do I do if I’m a Fire Safety Director and/or Fire Life & Safety Director at multiple locations (more than two)?

Certificate of Fitness holders seeking to be certified in additional buildings must submit the Fire Safety Director (F-85) and Fire Life and Safety Director (T-89/F-89) Variance Form. You will be required to list your current work hours at each location and state the physical building address where you plan on taking the On-Site Exam for […]

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How do I transition from the F-85 Certificate of Fitness to the T-89/F-89?

All Fire Safety Directors who have not taken the Non-Fire Emergency/EAP Course must do so by September 3, 2018, or by the time of the renewal date of their current F-85 Certificate of Fitness (C of F), whichever occurs first. For additional information on how to transition to the FLSD F-89 C of F, click […]

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Clases reprogramadas 21 marzo 2018


Últimas noticias: Todas las clases de 8 AM programadas para el 3/22 comenzarán una hora más tarde (9 AM). Debido a las inclemencias del tiempo pronosticadas, cancelaremos las clases nocturnas este miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018. Las siguientes clases afectadas se han reprogramado de la siguiente manera: El día 3 del entrenamiento de andamio […]

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Rescheduled Classes: March 21, 2018

Update 2: All 8 AM classes will be starting one hour later (9 AM) on Thursday, 3/22 as a result of today’s storm. Update: Our 10-Hour OSHA Training at our Bayonne, NJ location starting tomorrow, 3/22 at 9 AM has been rescheduled to start on 3/23 at 9 AM. Due to the anticipated snow forecasted for 3/21/18, the […]

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Clases reprogramadas 7 marzo 2018


Debido a las inclemencias del tiempo pronosticadas, cancelaremos las clases nocturnas este miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018. Las siguientes clases afectadas se han reprogramado de la siguiente manera: La clase de Usuario de Andamio Suspendido de 16 horas ha sido reprogramada desde 3/7 – 3/9 a 3/19 – 3/21. Nuestro curso gratuito de inglés […]

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Rescheduled Classes: March 7, 2018

Update: All morning classes scheduled for Thursday, 3/8/18, will start at 9 AM. There are no other changes to our Thursday class schedule. Update 2: Day 2 of our 10-Hour OSHA training was rescheduled to Friday, 3/9/18 at 9 AM. Due to the forecasted inclement weather headed to our area on 3/7/18, we will be closing all […]

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NYCOSH: NYC Leading the State in Worker Safety


The construction industry continues to offer many workers opportunities to build robust, middle-class lives for themselves and their families but not without risks. While the industry has made strides to make the job safer, there’s always an ever-present degree of danger in this field. While New York State saw a record-breaking number of construction-related fatalities […]

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NYC Mayor Signs New Construction Site Noise Pollution Law


The City that never sleeps may be able to get a few more Z’s following the passing of Intro. 1653-B into law. The new law hopes to curb construction site noise pollution and reduce response time to residents’ complaints.

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OSHA Raises Penalty Schedule in 2018


OSHA kicked off 2018 by raising the penalty schedule across the board. The new schedule is in keeping with the Inflation Adjustment Act and increases penalties by 2%.

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