The DOB Releases SST Curriculum Synopsis

SST Curriculum Synopsis

The DOB released the SST Curriculum topics in early May 2018 which outlines the course topics that must be covered by the required 40-hours of training for Workers and 62-hours of training for Supervisors under Local Law 196. The following SST Curriculum synopsis from the DOB is intended to help stakeholders understand the key points in the curriculum.

Official DOB SST Curriculum Synopsis

Earlier this month, DOB announced increased safety training requirements for many of the city’s construction workers. DOB will mandate that workers at sites for which the Department requires construction superintendents, site-safety coordinators, or site-safety managers have 40 hours of safety training and that supervisors have 62 hours of training. These requirements will take effect in stages over the next 12 to 28 months.

Workers can satisfy the 40-hour training requirement in a variety of ways, including taking a 30-hour safety course approved by OSHA plus eight hours of training on fall prevention and two hours of training on drug and alcohol awareness, or by participating in a DOB-approved 100-hour training program of the kind typically completed by union apprentices. Details on the types of training required can be found in the corresponding Service Update.

Safety-training course providers must be approved by DOB. In addition, as part of Local Law 196 of 2017, the City’s Department of Small Business Services will develop a program to provide greater access to construction jobs through safety training and to fulfill Mayor de Blasio’s commitment to train the employees of small businesses and day laborers.

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