The Crane Operator Certification Deadline is Near: What To Do

Still Want to Lift? Get Your Crane License Renewed

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) compliance date for crane operator and riggers certification/renewal is November 10, 2018. So, what now? Let’s brief on the job and safety guidelines of Crane Operators and Riggers.

Despite what many non-construction workers think, the Crane Operator’s job isn’t just starting the crane. After all, someone’s got to make sure the hoisted material(s) can be and is secured onto the crane first.

That’s where the Rigger comes in, to prep and oversee the crane’s operation from start to finish outside of the crane itself. From the get-go, a rigger has to check if the jobsite can support the weight of the crane and all materials hoisted.

Moreover, the Crane Operator has to make sure the machine is functioning properly enough to lift the estimated load without error. In short, teamwork and compliance are nonexempt from either position for a safe workspace.

What to Do To Get Certified or Renewed

Considering a career in rigging or crane operation, or already in the industry? Here’s what you gotta bear in mind.

If you’re working within the Five Boroughs, make sure you’re certified under the DOB’s standards before the deadline this November and if your license is about to expire, to get your renewal.

Remember that when we all raise our standards, we promote a safe work environment.

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