Severe Weather Update: How to Access Your Courses Online  

In response to the inclement weather forecasted for this weekend, all of our locations will be closed on Saturday January 29th. Below are the updated new course dates for courses with classes originally scheduled for Jan. 29th.  

Course Updates 

New Course Dates 

Spanish 10HR Prescribed SST Bundle Day 1: 2/5/22 , BX Location 

  • Spanish 32HR Supp. Scaff. Installer/Remover:  Day 3: 2/5/22, LIC Location // Day 4: 2/6/22, LIC Location 
  • 8HR Suspended Scaffold User Refresher Day 1: 2/5/22 , LIC Location 

Courses Converted to Virtual Learning  

  • English 10HR Prescribed SST Bundle: 1/29/22, Virtual – Zoom  
  • 32HR Rigging Supervisor:  Day 1: 1/29/22, Virtual – Zoom  // Day2: 1/30/22, LIC Location 

For those with continued In-Person training, see the above date for the next class session. The time of the class has not changed. For those who’ve had their in-person training transferred to Virtual/Zoom, here’s how to access your course.  

How To Access Your Online Course 

To access your online course, you’ll need access to an internet connection, a computer or tablet, a web camera, a microphone, and to download the Zoom app. As a student, you and/or your staff will be sent a link to attend your course through the email address provided upon registration.  

Hybrid & Virtual Training  

Get the best of both instructor-led training and the convenience of our virtual classroom with our Virtual Training Courses. Learn more about the various DOB approved training methods we offer here and browse our hybrid and virtual courses here.  

Our Online Training is Moving.
We are transitioning our online registration system for in-person and virtual courses. If the system is unavailable, please email us for further assistance.