In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Learning: How to Find the Best One for You

What are hybrid courses?

There are many reasons students may choose traditional, in-person learning, but with new learning methods available, is there a happy medium between virtual and in-person? Gallagher Bassett has adopted the hybrid learning method, which combines face-to-face learning with online resources.  

To figure out what method of learning works best for you, here’s the difference between hybrid learning, virtual learning, and in-person learning. 

What Is Hybrid Learning? 

Hybrid learning is a blended learning method that combines conventional classroom experiences, experimental and observational learning objectives, and online courses to deliver the best teaching method. In short, hybrid classes allow students to take classes both online and in-person. 

What To Expect with Hybrid Courses at Gallagher Bassett 

The DOB-approved hybrid training courses at Gallagher Bassett consists of a mix of virtual, instructor-led training (over Zoom) and an in-person, hands-on component. Both require a passing mark before being eligible to receive course completion materials.  

Hybrid vs. Virtual vs. In-Person 

Learning is learning, but what’s the difference between hybrid, virtual and in-person classes? Compared to in-person and online training, a hybrid class offers the best of both worlds with the caveat that a student needs to pass both learning components to receive certification.  

What’s Great About Hybrid Training with Gallagher Bassett 

In-Person Virtual Hybrid 
Hands on training with a
readily available expert. 
Can learn remotely anywhere, 
as long as one has a computer.  
Best of both virtual
and in-person learning methods. 

Finding the Best Course for You 

Finding the right course type to register for can be tricky. If you have substantial self-discipline and time management skills without needing an instructor in front of you to learn, virtual and hybrid courses may be the perfect course to get you certified.  

If you’re a manager that wants their staff to have more flexibility with their training, hybrid courses can be a solution to familiarize yourself with virtual learning and still have that in-person instructor experience.   

Our first scheduled hybrid courses available for registration are: 

For upcoming hybrid courses and dates, you can find them under the Distance Learning page under the Hybrid Training category. This page can be accessed through the drop-down under “Safety Training Courses” in our website’s main menu.

For more information, please call us at 718-389-2103.