National Safety Month: All Falls Up


During the National Safety Council’s NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH, we’ll be taking a look at each week’s NSC-designated focus through a construction site lens. This is Fall Week.

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National Safety Month: Watch out! (And you might get what you’re after, which is safety)


During the National Safety Council’s NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH, we’ll be taking a look at each week’s NSC-designated focus through a construction site lens. This is Hazard Recognition Week. To kick off National Safety month, the National Safety Council asks us (in the royal sense, not TSCTA specifically, though we’re ever-vigilant) to focus on those most […]

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TSCTA Is Looking For A Full-Time Instructor


Instructor Position Available Full-time, bilingual technical instructor responsible for classroom instruction of environmental, health, procedural, and scaffold safety training programs for the construction trades. The role may also include the research, design, development and translation of new curriculums and supporting class resources.  PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS Fully fluent in English and Spanish (spoken and written) languages. Preference […]

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The City That Never Stops Growing


While it may seem obvious to anyone who has lived or worked in The City That Never Sleeps, over the past decade New York City has also become The City That Never Stops Growing. And a recent report published by the office of the State Comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, puts that abstract idea into concrete […]

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#StandDown4Safety Series: Harnesses


For our final phase of this week’s #StandDown4Safety series, we’re exploring the most ubiquitous piece of safety equipment for those work at height, the safety harness. From their origins as the body belts popular on work sites in the first half of the 20th century, one constant has remained at the intersection of harnesses and […]

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Local Law 196 Update: Second Compliance Date Delayed


On May 8th, 2019, the New York City Council voted to extend the second compliance date for Local Law 196 (LL196) from 6/1/2019 to 12/1/2019. In response to push back from industry stakeholders, the City Council agreed to delay the training requirement for Workers and Supervisors. What does this mean? Workers– Required to have 30 […]

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#StandDown4Safety Series: Aerial Lifts

As technological advancements have changed the construction industry for the better (and safer), aerial lifts have become a prominent feature of many worksites looking to provide their builders with the means to access difficult to reach areas of a given project. When coupled with the benefit of preventing workers from overly straining themselves physically — […]

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#StandDown4Safety Series: Ladders


Whether you’re Jeff Hardy or Joe Everyman, you’ve likely climbed a ladder. While harnesses are perhaps the most ubiquitous piece of equipment found when working at height on a construction site, ladders are one of the most recognizable pieces of construction equipment on earth. But, as is the case with most things, the dangers involved […]

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#StandDown4Safety Series: Scaffold Safety


Like the skyscrapers they helped build, scaffolds are a foundational part of The City’s skyline. Symbolic of the never-ending drive for renewal and expansion that fuels the construction industry, nearly everyone is familiar with them in one form or another. As such, they are also aware of the potential risk that, for instance, falling debris […]

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#StandDown4Safety Series: Through No Fall of Their Own


As you may already know, have heard, or even read about here at TSCTA News, today is the start of National #StandDown4Safety week, a nationwide initiative to emphasize worker safety (and fall prevention in particular) at the start of construction season. Throughout the week, we’ll providing you with tips and tricks on keeping your focus […]

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Stand Down … For What? (Safety!)


Originally started as a two-year program begun on Workers’ Memorial Day 2012, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-led Stand Down for Safety week – which will take place this year May 6th-10th— has become an annual tradition at the start of every construction season in the years since. As you are likely aware, safety […]

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