New Website, Who Dis?


By now you might have noticed that the website looks a little different. We’re happy to say that we’ve worked on updating the look and feel of the site to make it easier to navigate. The home page opens up to our main course categories displayed as icons. The top navigation menus have also been […]

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Local Lawmakers Hope Drones Can Play a Role in Future Inspections


Following the tragic death of architect Erica Tishman, several New York City lawmakers are hoping to bring NYC building inspections into the modern day with new legislation allowing drones to be used in the process, according to reports from CBS 2 NY. As we’ve previously discussed here at the Gallagher Bassett Newscenter, drones have become […]

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How to Construct a Gingerbread Worksite


While it may seem like a joke made specifically for us, it turns out there is a “construction gingerbread” recipe that we feel is our journalistic duty to bring to you. With the recipe (found at the bottom of this page) created by Stella Parks of Serious Eats, you’ll get the best of both worlds: […]

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This year, Santa Claus’s middle name is … Danger: Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating Outdoors


Although the tree plays the most central role in the Christmas decoration tradition for most — including, presumably, Santa, given that’s where he leaves the good stuff — the very best way to bring public attention to your holiday spirit seems to be by making sure your house can be seen from space.  And for […]

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