Maintaining A Drug-Free Construction Site with GBTS’s New Training.

Construction professionals have always had to prepare for the possibility of worker impairment, an unforeseen incident, or any safety hazard that may arise onsite. And, there’s always been an unspoken understanding that drug use is a sensitive topic amongst most construction employees. Yet, with all things considered, employers still have never had to manage to maintain a drug-free workplace while the substances they want their staff to avoid are made legal by the state. With the new law making cannabis use legal in New York State, employers have to backtrack and reapproach how they format and implement their drug and alcohol policies for their workers.

To fill this communication gap, TSCTA developed a new Reasonable Suspicion virtual training to help professionals maneuver the task of managing a team of people and telling them they can’t utilize a substance that the local government says is okay to use.

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The American Addiction Center has shared data over the years that confirm the battle against drug abuse is a significant struggle for construction workers, more so compared to that of any other industry.

“Around 15% of all construction workers in the United States have a substance abuse disorder compared to 8.6% of the general population of adults, according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.”

In this same report, it is stated that 2.3% of construction workers also shared that they have a marijuana use disorder, an alarming fact for the construction industry, particularly since the legalization of Cannabis in New York State. In 2019, a study conducted by the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) at NYU College of Global Public Health showed that out of any profession, construction workers are most likely to use drugs than workers in any other profession.

TSCTA’s Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors course, is the perfect guide to any supervisor or qualified safety personnel overseeing construction site safety. We developed a curriculum that summarizes the significant effect drug and alcohol abuse has had on construction workers and breaks down the different ways in which a supervisor or point person can address concerns of either issue in a worker.

Why do supervisors, foremen, owners, and all point persons in charge of site safety need to take this course?

  • Why do supervisors, foremen, owners, and all point persons in charge of site safety need to take this course?
  • What is Legal Law 201-D and what substances does it cover?
  • What specific signs can you look for to identify worker impairment?
  • What steps can you take if you suspect a worker to be under the influence?
  • How can you tailor this course to support and reinforce your company’s drug & alcohol policy?

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