Building Safety Month 2017: Keeping the Public Safe & Building Codes Relevant

Building Safety Month

The International Code Council (ICC) will be running their 37th annual Building Safety Month (BSM) campaign starting on May 1st. The BSM aims to inform the public and businesses about the importance of a modern and model building code. This public awareness campaign aims to not only build a case for regulation but also for strong and efficient enforcement. This year’s BSM’s theme, Code Officials – Partners in Community Safety and Economic Growth, will be broken down into 4 sub-themes throughout the month. The 4 sub-themes will be placing an emphasis on Mentoring and Training, Building Design, Preparing for Natural Disasters, and Investing in Technology & Efficiency.

Locally the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has adopted the ICC’s International Building Code (IBC) as the basic framework for our local regulations. The adoption of the IBC by the DOB incorporates a set of regulations that keep the public safe by emphasizing prescriptive and engineered solutions. The international codes also encourage the use of newer and smarter technologies in the construction and repair of buildings throughout the City. The IBC is regularly reviewed and updated as needed, allowing the DOB to stay up-to-date as technologies and building methods advance.

How To Participate in Building Safety Month

If you’re interested in getting involved, the ICC has a few recommendations including:

  • Set up an information booth at your local City Hall or even a local hardware store
  • Visit a school and give a presentation about building safety
  • Let your local media know of any events or simply ask them to cover Building Safety Month
  • Use social media to inform and engage with your company’s followers and stress the importance of building safety.

As we recognize BSM, we’d like to recognize the collaborative effort needed to keep all parties safe – from builders to workers, to the public at large. Make sure to share what you and your site are doing to keep safety first during the month of May. You can follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and be sure to reach out to the ICC as well.

Via International Codes Council