Working With Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Do I Need Training?

What are Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWPs?

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are machines/devices designed to move workers, tools, and materials to work height. These types of machines/devices can include “Boom Lifts,” “Aerial Lifts,” or “Scissor Lifts.”

What’s New?

According to ANSI A92.24, aerial lift operators are required to have documented training such as a certificate of completion or certification card. 

Do I Need Training?

The new ANSI standard also changes the definition of who qualifies as an “operator” and who is simply working around/in the vicinity of a lift. While those working in and around MEWPs should have “Familiarization” or Awareness Training, anyone that will be working on a MEWP should have successfully completed Operator Training and earned their certification card.

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Ready to Get Your Team Trained?

We offer both Familiarization and Operator Training for MEWPs both on-site and in a hybrid model (virtual lecture and in-person hands-on with your equipment).

Reach out to the training team at or at 718-389-2103.

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