Gallagher Bassett Tips: Applying for Licenses or License Renewals using DOB Now.

We know the DOB has been working to provide paperless services through the DOB Now platform for quite some time. This shift now requires you to apply for a license or license renewal online, using the DOB Now website. Over the recent months, several Gallagher Bassett class attendants have submitted licensee applications through the DOB Now portal and offered us some insight on their experience doing so.  


Gallagher Bassett is not involved with the DOB Now license processing or can answer in-depth questions relating to your application. Our only goal is to be a resource to the people we work with who complete our training and will need to use the DOB Now website to fulfill their license application forms. We hope this post is useful and offers insight into why your account may not be set up yet or encourages you to allow yourself more time to get your license. 

In order to submit your license application through the DOB Now platform (e-filing), you must register for an eFile account. You can register for an eFile account here. Creating an eFile account is simple. All you have to do is provide the DOB Now with your necessary contact information, including a valid personal email address linked to your completed required training. For example, if you signed up for training using the email address – you should include this email address on your eFile registration profile. Once the DOB receives your information, they will send you a confirmation email at the address you provided.  

Gallagher Bassett-Tip: We’ve been told that some students have had difficulty accessing their DOB Now account because the email address they provide on their eFile Registration is different from the email address associated with their previous license(s). The DOB Now portal will recognize your information and notice that you have submitted an email address that does not match the one previously used.  

Your next step is printing and filling out an Authentication Form. You can find the Authentication Form here. This form is what you will provide to the DOB via mail or by dropping it off in person to submit your application for a license. Per the DOB website, your authentication form must be notarized before it is sent back to their offices for review.  

Gallagher Bassett-Tip: The authentication form needs to be notarized and mailed to the DOB or dropped off in person before starting the renewal process online. This will activate your DOB NOW account; once the authentication form is processed, the DOB will send an email to the email address provided on the form, and the license holder can log in and begin the renewal process. 

For more information on the application process and step-by-step directions, please refer to the DOB Now website. You can view the step-by-step guide here. You may also contact the DOB directly using this link.  

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