GBTS Tips: Complete SST Training ASAP.

Under Local Law 196, construction employees are required to complete specified hours of site safety training if employed on construction sites that require a site safety plan, construction superintendent, site safety manager, or coordinator by March 1st. Construction workers require 40 hours of training, while construction Supervisors need 60 hours.

Submitting your application at your earliest ability is the best way to ensure you receive an SST Card sooner than later.  

We encourage all construction workers who have not yet finished SST training to continue taking courses to submit their SST application as soon as possible. While inspectors are looking for your SST Card when they conduct walk-throughs, it helps to say that you took the initiative to improve safety at your job site compared to nothing at all. 

Now is the time to take advantage of TSCTA’s online and virtual training options to meet the Local Law 196 requirements.

The timing of this all is rather convenient for workers who now can take training courses online rather than having to visit a training campus. This gives workers the ability to fulfill their SST training needs without leaving home. Save 20% off Online Training Bundles using code BUNDL20 and 20% off (online) Virtual/Distance Training courses $200 and up with code 403.

Site safety training isn’t only crucial to your wellbeing; it helps keep a site compliant and accident-free.

We want to help you maintain all 3. Registering for a class at TSCTA is easy whether you prefer online or in-person training—visit our website, find the course(s) you are interested in taking, select your desired training date, add the course to your cart, and checkout. 

For more information or to register for SST classes, please visit our website or call us for further assistance at (718) 389-2103.

Our Online Training Has Moved!
We are transitioning our online registration system for in-person and virtual courses. If the system is unavailable, please email us for further assistance.