Why Should You Get Your SST Card Training at GBTS

There really is no substitute for quality hands-on SST card training provided by TSCTA’s experienced instructors and our facilities. We use interactive training methods, hands-on scenarios with relevant equipment, quality safety equipment and current technology, not just PowerPoints and videos. But there’s more to consider when deciding on your next safety training course provider.  

Here’s why TSCTA should be at the top of your list for your next site safety training registration.  

Why Should You Get Your SST Training At TSCTA?  

Can you find cheaper OSHA training than TSCTA? Possibly. But unless they are a DOB-approved SST course provider, they will NOT be able to issue SST cards. Instead, they’ll have to go to an approved provider to apply for the SST card.  

Sounds simple? Well, not quite. That approved course provider will not be able to issue them an SST card without the OSHA card number. And that appears on the card sent directly from OSHA. This can take up to 4-6 weeks. Add to the fact that OSHA is working remotely in the future, and you run the risk of facing further processing delays. 

Also, as Training Connect is being phased in, SST training cards in the future will need a copy of your OSHA card as well.  

What’s Training Connect, And How Does that Affect How You Get Your SST Card?  

NYC’s Department of Buildings Training Connect is a web-based platform being designed to centralize the needed information used in validating the Site Safety Training (SST) required of construction workers.  

Initially, course providers were authorized to manage training records and issue SST cards using their own designs and proprietary systems. This made it difficult to verify the various versions of SST cards. In response, the NYC Department of Buildings has implemented a centralized system to produce and verify a standardized SST ID card. 

All DOB-approved Course Providers will begin to transition to the new platform to manage SST records for their students and to issue official NYC DOB Training Connect SST identification cards in the coming months. 

Buyer Beware 

If you have your OSHA training at TSCTA, we can issue the SST card with just the certificate of completion. If we are not the entity that did the OSHA training, we cannot issue the SST card without the OSHA card.  

We like being transparent because that helps us continue to provide DOB-approved safety training that upholds our commitment to quality. If you’re considering training elsewhere, make sure that Course Provider is on the DOB Approved Course Provider List.  

Save the wait and skip the fakes: We can do it all here. 

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