In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Learning: How to Find the Best One for You


What are hybrid courses? There are many reasons students may choose traditional, in-person learning, but with new learning methods available, is there a happy medium between virtual and in-person? TSCTA has adopted the hybrid learning method, which combines face-to-face learning with online resources.   To figure out what method of learning works best for you, here’s the difference between hybrid learning, virtual learning, […]

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Working With Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Do I Need Training?


What are Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWPs? Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are machines/devices designed to move workers, tools, and materials to work height. These types of machines/devices can include “Boom Lifts,” “Aerial Lifts,” or “Scissor Lifts.” What’s New? According to ANSI A92.24, aerial lift operators are required to have documented training such as […]

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Diversity & Inclusion Drives Safety Culture – Construction Inclusion Week 2021


As part of Construction Inclusion Week 2021, TSCTA looks at how Diversity can drive Safety Culture

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Procure a Brighter Future with Supplier Diversity – Construction Inclusion Week


When thinking about things that could make the world a better place, it’s rare — though maybe not entirely unheard of — to have procurement be one of the first things that comes to mind. And it’s almost a guarantee that when one things of inclusion, supply-chain logistics is not something that comes up in […]

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Unconscious Bias and the Workplace – Construction Inclusion Week 2021


While biases can have positive or negative outcomes, we should learn to be aware of our unconscious biases, especially at our workplace. As part of our ongoing Construction Inclusion Week series, in this article, we tackle unconscious bias in the workplace.

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Leadership Drives Diversity – Construction Inclusion Week 2021


As part of Construction Inclusion Week 2021, TSCTA takes a look at how Leadership Drives Diversity. #ConstructionInclusionWeek

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NYC DOB’s Bulletin 2021-009


The New York City Department of Buildings Bulletin 2021-009 rescinded its COVID-19 related Phase 1 Reopening Guidance – here’s what it means to you.

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Maintaining A Drug-Free Construction Site with TSCTA’s New Training.


Construction professionals have always had to prepare for the possibility of worker impairment, an unforeseen incident, or any safety hazard that may arise onsite. And, there’s always been an unspoken understanding that drug use is a sensitive topic amongst most construction employees. Yet, with all things considered, employers still have never had to manage to […]

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Workplace Violence; Staying Prepared.


Each year, nearly 2 million American workers are a victim of some sort of workplace violence according to OSHA reports. Victims of workplace violence can suffer in varying ways like psychological damage or physical injury, and the delivery of violence is not limited. Workplace violence can be verbal, physical, mental, etc.  Workplace violence can happen anywhere, in […]

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Marijuana On-Site; What Construction Professionals Can Do


Over the last decade, marijuana use has increased in popularity, and subsequently, the legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing trend. States like Washington and Colorado took the lead as some of the first to legalize recreational marijuana use, causing a slow and steady domino effect. Other states followed in passing similar legislation, and as […]

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TSCTA Tips: Complete SST Training ASAP.


Under Local Law 196, construction employees are required to complete specified hours of site safety training if employed on construction sites that require a site safety plan, construction superintendent, site safety manager, or coordinator by March 1st. Construction workers require 40 hours of training, while construction Supervisors need 60 hours. Submitting your application at your […]

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Severe Weather Closing: February 1, 2021


UPDATE: We’ve posted the full, revised schedule for all courses affected by our closing Due to the inclement weather forecasted for February 1, 2021, all TSCTA locations will be closed. As a result of the emergency closing, the following courses originally scheduled for Feb. 1, 2021, will now meet on the following dates: 16-Hour Suspended […]

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